Full Body Fat Burn: My Favorite Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do From Home

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I’m the biggest fan of compound, complex, full body exercises, which is why I created the RIP then ROCK Workout Series  . All of the workouts are focused on unique exercises that target the entire body, challenging it in a way whereby the body experiences new movements. 

Specifically, all the workouts focus on 3 things that make fat-burning exercise, well, FAT-BURNING:

    1. Intensity. 
    2. Focus on the cardiovascular system. 
  • Focus on the larger muscle groups of the body. 

  • Without further ado, here are my favorite exercises EVER for fat burning:

      1. Burpees. You hate ‘em. I love them. Why? Because it literally works every single muscle group and it combines the jump, the squat, and the pushup all in one. Do a few sets of 5-10 and you’ll feel the burn right away. 
      2. Pushups. Oh my current favorite but wasn't always, the pushup is literally an amazing exercise. It is always a great way to gauge your core strength in addition to being fat burning. It works the entire upper body  (multiple muscle groups) and because it activates more than one muscle group, you’ll just end up burning more. 
      3. Plyometric Squats. Or Jump Squats. Jump Squats are taking the traditional squat and adding a jump. Because the heart elevates so much, the actual movement requires fast twitch muscles making you quick, powerful and fat burning.
      4. Snatch (using dumbbells or kettlebells). This is an exercise that requires some patience and time to learn the proper technique, but once perfected, ooo is it fun to do. The benefits are amazing - you’ll create power, control & stability, and increase coordination. And because the movement is generated from the legs all the way up to the shoulders, it requires multiple muscles to effectively be performed, therefore making it fat-burning. 
      5. Plank.  A staple to virtual every fitness program. This stability moves forces the entire body’s muscle groups to engage. You are mainly working your core but it takes a lot of endurance to hold, particularly in the glutes, the back, and the shoulders. The longer you hold and the harder the body maintains position, the more you will burn. And you can make planks dynamic with unlimited variations in movement. 
      6. Dynamic Beast. Think of this one as a moving plank. The hips move back to the heels therefore the hips are mobilized and as you straighten the body, you fall into the pushup. You are combining movement with the plank and the pushup combined. The more you move, the more fat burning you become. 
      7. Deadlift. (bar or dumbbells). This is a traditional exercise that promotes spinal alignment, booty gains, and increased fat burn. The heavier the load/resistance, the harder the body has to work to perform the move.
      8. Thruster. (using dumbbells, kettlebells, or bar).  Consider this a combination exercise of the squat and the shoulder press. It involves the entire body - the lower and upper body perform the mve and the core is utilized for stability, You’ll notice how quickly your heart rate goes up with this one. 
      9. Swing. (using dumbbells or kettlebells). Done with heavy load and proper form, this can burn fat as fast as running does! You are generating energy through the lower body into the hips all the way up to the shoulders. Your arms, lower back, and abdominals are activated for stability. This is yet another full body fat burning exercise. 
      10. Renegade Row (using dumbbells). This is considered both a pushup and pull exercise. It combines the Pushup and the Back Row. Again full body endurance with an emphasis of upper body strength. 

    This is my list! You’ll notice I add multiple variations and “COMPLEXES”  of all these exercises in the RIP then Rock Workout Series. I want you to reap the most benefit in the least amount of time. You will improve coordination, speed, power, agility, and yes FAT BURN!

    To get you free RIP then ROCK workouts, head on over to my YouTube Channel, subscribe and turn on the bell notification. If you’d like more individual attention, then you can check our programs out too. #irockthesportsbra

    I am definitely missing some other exercises. Will you add your favorite to this list? Go ahead and add your comments. I’d love to know your favorites too!

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