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I’m so sorry you hated your body and thought your worth was based on your waist size. I’m sorry you punished yourself to get to the ”perfect weight” as if that’s all that mattered. I’m sorry you compared yourself to others. I’m sorry you passed harsh judgments. I’m sorry you became jealous of other women because you felt inadequate. I’m happy you decided that athleticism is way more important than a jean size. That you realized the work you’ve put in inner-self development & improvement are now shown on the exterior. I’m thrilled that you took these hard lessons & decided to spread awareness. Remember your purpose. Others will remember you for the love you’ve given them, the words you’ve spoken to them, the classes you’ve taught them, the energy you’ve shared with them, and the moments of empowerment you’ve made them feel.

Go on girl, it’s your time to shine. Rock the sports bra & selfie. Celebrate your journey & continue your mission.