Is HIIT Good for Women? Why you should HIIT even if you think you are out of shape, too old, or can't jump!

Should you HIIT? The answer is a resounding “HELL YES!”  But you already knew I would say that.

What is HIIT anyway? 

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. RIP Then ROCK’s “UNLEASH” Workout Series is classified under HIIT. (Tabata, which is HIIT, to be exact.) 

The premise is simple; it is workout programming that involves periods of short intense exercise followed by low intensity movements or recovery.

Intense exercise is, however, relatively perceived.  Each person will experience an individual threshold of “intensity” depending on physical limitations. What feels intense to you, may not feel as intense to me.  You get to decide what to do and how to work it. 

The only rule to follow is all out max effort during your high intense interval. Whether you jump, run, do low impact bodyweight exercises or lift weights, the idea is to get maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time. You can literally do HIIT anyway you want. 

If you’re thinking you need to jump to do HIIT, not necessarily. I do however believe jumping has amazing benefits, and is the easiest way to achieve intensity.  You shouldn’t fear it but that’s another blog for another day. 

True HIIT workouts should last no longer than 30 minutes at length. 

Let’s chat benefits… then give you permission to HIIT, even if you think you are out of shape, too old, or can’t jump.


  1. HIIT workouts provide similar general benefits to twice the amount of moderate intensity.
  2. HIIT workouts can involve literally any kind of movement and exercises of choice.
  3. HIIT workouts are time based, so you never have to worry about counting reps. Just focus on maximal effort in your timed high intense intervals followed by recovery or rest in “rounds”.
  4. HIIT workouts burn up to 30% more calories than traditional exercise in the least amount of time. This also means you’ll need less vigorous workout days to receive the desired caloric benefit. 
  5. HIIT workouts ensure metabolic rates are high even after exercise, using fat as the energy source instead of carbs. 
  6. HIIT workouts produce fat loss. 
  7. HIIT workouts produce strength. Especially if you decide to sprint, cycle, do compound dumbbell exercises or jump, much of the strength is produced in the body’s large muscle groups like legs, core, chest & back. 
  8. HIIT workouts improve lung capacity, heart functionality & muscle adaptability & growth. The intensity within the workout forces the body’s muscles to consume & use more oxygen as muscles are intended for health & strength. Additionally, it can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. 
  9. HIIT workouts reduce blood sugar & insulin resistance. 

Sold yet?

How do you HIIT? 

The best way is to choose an activity you already love. Begin to experiment with durations of exercise time and durations of recovery. What gets your heart rate up? What creates muscle sensation? IF you are able to achieve high heart rate & some muscle feedback, you know you are doing it right….regardless of your fitness level, your age, & whether or not the exercises are “jumpy”. 

If you want to try an example of HIIT, “Unleash” is one of my absolute favorites. We combine bodyweight cardio & strength exercises that are uniquely designed to give you the “hardest” workout in the shortest time. You’ll also never get bored, and it’ll feel like “play”. We work 20/10 second ratios of intensity and rest.

Go ahead to my YOUTUBE channel and find an Unleash - 12 minutes only! Also subscribe and turn on the bell notification.

If you're looking for more accountability and need a professional to guide you through your workout, I'm here for you! Contact me!


Do you HIIT? What are your  favorite HIIT workouts? Have you tried UNLEASH yet? Let me know in the comments!

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