Almost 40! How to Workout Like A 20 year old.

I’m 38! 2 years shy of … dun dun dun… 40! I’ve basically reached the midway point of life expectancy, they say. But I’ve never felt younger. 

What do we do if you say things like: “I am too old to workout like that”. “I can’t workout like that, my body can’t move like that”??

I say….STOP….hold the phone…. You are dead wrong!

How is it that I workout like I’m 20 and am in better shape than I ever was in my 20s?

First, it all starts and ends with the mind. Even if there is a physical goal you have yet to achieve today, who says you can’t achieve it 1 week, 1 month, 1 year from now?! Begin with visualization and see yourself doing it. That’s what athletes do. They see themselves winning, they envision the end result. It’s no different for you!

Second, you need to take action, even if it’s small. I don’t believe in “modifications”, I believe in taking progressive action. You just have to throw yourself into the exercise to find out what you are physically able or unable to do. Don’t settle for the “modification”. If there is something you cannot do, think of alternative ways to challenge yourself achieving the same thing until you are able to have the strength. 

Example; THE PUSHUP. Most will just do pushups on the knees without attempting the real thing. I say, try the pushup, if you fall flat on your face, it's ok!! Fall a couple of times,  and work on things like “hand release pushups” and “planks”  to develop the core strength. With time and practice , you’ll achieve your goal in no time

Third, go into your workouts with no preconceived notions. It’s a lot more liberating going into a workout without much expectation. Go into it like a kid ready to play at the playground. Remember that joy? See if you can experience that again. And yes workouts feel like “torture” but that’s because you’ve placed that thought into your mind. 

Wish I had more for you but really that is it! It’s all about your perspective, your confidence, and your belief in yourself!

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What’s your favorite workout? Do you feel strong? Do you feel young? Let me know in the comments below.

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