Do You Set New Year Resolutions? Achieve Your New Year Fitness Goals With Or Without Them!

If you’re into fitness resolutions, go you!  But I’m one of the 99.99999999% of people who set them….and… give up on them & forget them… that’s the end of that story.

Year after year, it’s the same. I promise myself that this will be THE year I successfully:

• lose weight

• eat clean

• quit sugar & fast food

• take care of myself more

to find myself reverting back to the old ways I’ve been beating myself up over year after year after year.

What gives?

This post isn't about bashing the setting of resolutions. Quite the opposite. 

Some make it work. Unfortunately, I’m not part of that population. I used to hate the idea of New Year’s resolutions because I really suck at them. So what did I do? Instead of acknowledging I suck at them, I bashed on everyone who set them, specifically fitness ones. If you’re anything like me, read on.

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS are not bad, not good. They just are.

To some, there is something cozy about the idea of restarting… like on Mondays and January 1! It’s forgiving. 

To others, it’s a guilty reminder of “not enoughness” and that’s a totally crappy feeling.

And to that group of people who actually succeed year in & out, they have figured out how to rev their own engines. Kudos. 

So…KNOW THYSELF! Know what fires you up but also know what your current habits are without judgment. 

My humbling opinion: focus on the words “this or even BETTER."

Because most likely our set fitness resolutions are unrealistic, overwhelming, too many, or completely forgotten about. 

See where you are at this moment and emphasize the things you are doing ‘alright’ in that you can minimally maintain or do even better.

Example“I want to lose 10lbs this year. Right now I eat home cooked meals 3 days a week and move my body about 2 days a week, if I’m lucky”

Maintain this ← and see if you can cook 1 more meal at home or set aside just 1 more day of fitness. 

Maintaining is the biggest part of the journey.

But also take accountability if you do regress on your goals. Change never happens if you don’t do “this or even BETTER.”

My success in actually achieving fitness goals have always been an accumulation of many years of resolutions. Sometimes it takes an “Ok I’ve reallllllly had it” (smoke from ears & nose) moment to actually make a small change that gets me better over time, and yes, over years.

Want to make that resolution? GO FOR IT! But don’t hate yourself for not achieving them or be envious of others who do.

Do “this and even BETTER."  Write that on your mirror post in! ;)

Also, if you’re looking to do “this and even better” with your workouts, make sure you go to my YouTube channel  for RIP Then ROCK workouts, subscribe & hit that bell! I drop new workouts for you every Monday! #irockthesportsbra

If you need some extra push, feel free to send me a message & let’s see if we can work together.


What are your thoughts on ‘Fitness Resolutions’? Good, Terrible, Whatever? Comment below & share your opinions. Let’s have a meaningful conversation.

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