It’s My Birthday Month! These are My Birthday Fitness Wishes for you!

Well, the 22nd of this month your girl is about to take the 38th year around the world. 98% of time time I feel like I’m 18 but every now and again I’m reminded of my age when I still struggle with TikTok dances and can’t recognize one song other than that are on my 80’s/90’s Spotify playlist.

Either way, I wanted to share my birthday fitness wishes for you! (in random order)

  1. That you know how physically strong you already are. You just haven’t committed to that belief just yet to recognize it as I recognize it in you. Commit to that belief and your world will change, I promise. 
  2. That you wake up each and every day standing tall in your confidence. Your weight or jean size means nothing to your self-worth. Your badassery knows no age. Your social media presence doesn't define you as a human being. You are WORTHY!
  3. That you rock a sports bra... in public…. for good! Because you can! Because you can move your body and perform like a strong athlete I know you are. Because there are no rules when it comes to rocking your sportsbra -  #irockthesportsbra. 

Let’s continue the celebration over onto my YouTube Channel, subscribe and turn on the bell notification. Do the workouts and rock that sportsbra! Looking for more accountability? Our programs might just be the right thing for you.

BLOG CTA Anyone else have a birthday in July? Let’s celebrate. Leave a comment. 

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