How To Create A Calorie Deficit. Tips & Tricks To Cut Calories Out Without The Restriction

If weight loss is the goal, read on. If it’s not, amazing, just keep doing what you’re doing!

How do you create a calorie deficit? To create a deficit, you have to consume less than what your body is actually burning. If you burn more than you consume, your body is forced to use the stored up energy immediately - this is how weight and fat loss happens. 

Think about every single diet out there - Keto, Atkin, South Beach… they have this ONE thing in common  - caloric deficit. 

So how do you create a caloric deficit without dieting or cutting out foods altogether? 

I found that starting with these 5 tips & tricks mentioned below were much easier to do without feeling guilt or punishing myself. They are a great starting point especially when you feel like diets have failed you. 

Here are some tips and tricks you can do to achieve this without the guilt & and the restriction. 

  1. Drink more water. Because sometimes you mistake hunger for thirst. 
  2. Drink coffee black or tea ( with stevia if you like the sweetness). It's a natural appetite suppressant. 
  3. Avoid calorie drinks. They are extra calories you just don’t need. 
  4. Sleep more.  When you sleep more , you crave less sugar & caffeine for energy crashes. 
  5. Do intense exercise a few days a week (no more than 3). The Rip Then Rock Series are programmed to have you be a burnin’ machine. 

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Got any other tips of your own? What did you find to be a successful way to create a caloric deficit? Share them in the comments.

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