The Only “Beyond-Crazy-Heart Pumping-Sweaty-Good” Workout & Custom Realistic Nutrition Program to take your Body & Confidence to the next level… for REAL, POWERFUL WOMEN (like you)

• A total of 30 uniquely programmed, full length heart-pumping-sweat-flowing-confidence-building workouts to get you lean, strong & powerful. 5 new workouts a week! 

• A total of 7 one-on-one nutrition & goal setting coaching calls customized based on your individual needs. We chat about everything & anything fitness, nutrition & lifestyle. 

 • 24hr Email/DM access to me! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I’m not your out of reach trainer. I’m just like YOU who’s finally figured it out!
BONUS 1The RIP THEN ROCK Workout Calendar to take the guessing out of the equation. 

BONUS 2 The 14 Day Portion Controlled Nutritional Guide if you like to plan ahead on meals and want to learn how to moderately eat. 

BONUS 3 The Clean’sh Guide if you are intrigued by intuitive eating.
“I definitely think I have abs now…(I have) 4 kids so I definitely had the mom pooch. I definitely lost inches, jeans fit better."

Thanks to you, I’m happy! And I'm losing my weight!… I notice quick results.” 

"I see my upper abs coming through more than it ever did in my entire life."

"Things are easier like my stamina and endurance during cardio."


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