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How it works

The ULTIMATE Back To Shred 4-WEEK CHALLENGE is designed to help you get back on track. You’ll be receiving a combination of HIIT , Circuit, Tabata, Core, & Boxing Workouts that will help you kickstart your fitness and get your results in 4 weeks! The challenge will consist of the guided workouts posted on the YouTube channel along with weekly workout nutrition checkins. You may also add in workouts from TheRIPthenROCK 12 Week Program or 1:1 Training with me. The workouts will be organized into a training schedule so that you know exactly what to do on each day. You will also be expected to follow your custom macronutrition plan (which you have been already assigned) and will have the option of checking in with me weekly to ensure your success. Your plan can get amended each week we progress. You will also be expected to upload weekly progress photos at the start of each training week. Every Sunday PM you will be given a “secret word”. You will write the “secret word” on a large white piece of paper . You will hold that up when you take a “front” photo. You will be taking a side profile and back as well. (no need to hold the paper)And you’ll have the community chat on MyPTHUB to continue your accountability!


This program will contain a mixture of workout and will offer recovery days to give you a well rounded training protocol. We will be using dumbbells for some of these workouts. Just remember that no matter which workout(s) are assigned for the day, DO YOUR BEST!


Let’s take a bet! To enter this challenge, please Sylvia Wendel Venmo (or Zelle [Sylvia Nasser]) $25 with subject “BACK TO SHRED”. This information will be posted in the MyPTHub chat as well.


To win you have to earn the most points and have the biggest transformation! What do you win? 

FIRST PRIZE - The entire CASH POT. (Hope you all enter). 

PS - I keep nothing. My reward will be your transformations. :) 

SECOND “MVP” PRIZE - Merch of choice on the website based 

I’ll be keeping a tally of who entered and what activities you have done to get yourself one step closer to the ultimate CASH PRIZE (and a new bod) ;) 

If there is more than one winner, the pot will be split among the winners.


5 points - do the workouts prescribed each day and post a comment under the workout video. Example: “I did this workout again today, it was awesome!” Each workout video within each day counts as 5 points (you can even earn up to 25 points for the day!) Then post a selfie in the group community chat once your workout is finished for the day. (5 workouts a week). 

5 points - train with Syl 1:1 and post an after group chat 

5 points - post weekly photo progress photos 

5 points - show up to 15 minute individual weekly nutrition calls. Use Calendly link on Teachable. 

5 points - meet the daily macro requirements (+/- 50 calories) 

3 points - log in every meal of the day regardless of calories & macros.. Miss a meal, miss your points. 

3 points - do an additional 12 week RIPthenROCK program video for the week. 

2 points - post on social media which workout you did from the challenge and tag me. INSTAGRAM @thefitfem , Facebook - Sylvia Nasser.
Looking forward to seeing who wins! While there will be just one winner of the total pot, consider yourself all winners for completing this challenge. 

 Can’t wait to witness your transformations!
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